Travis Savo’s Philanthropy Blog

Travis Savo is an expert technologist and serial entrepreneur who founded TraderPlan. An innovation-driven professional, Travis is determined to leverage technology to do good in the world.

That’s why Travis is now working on TraderPlan’s nonprofit arm: the With More HOPE Foundation. He and the TraderPlan team are structuring the reserve fund-based vehicle on the blockchain in order to bring passive income to the dark corners of the world. The NPO will accept donations in the form of tax write-offs to create endowments of passive income for charity. Benefiting charities, individual recipients, and investors alike, this model will hopefully supersede the current charitable solutions that tend to fall short today.

For Travis Savo, charity works best when people are smart about it. This is what he hopes to accomplish through the With More HOPE Foundation: create a more intelligent way to reach those in need and connect them to individuals willing and able to help. Every industry has been impacted by technology, and nonprofits are no exception. With the success of TraderPlan, Travis hopes to expand his efforts and find better solutions to problems that, until now, have been approached in a largely repetitive manner.

Travis believes that innovation and entrepreneurship are poised to shake up the nonprofit sector and usher in a new period of social change. Traditional charities may do good, but it is sometimes hard for them to be sustainable when both giving back and keeping themselves afloat. Additionally, transparency issues often lead to executives pocketing money that should be going back to those in need.

Entrepreneurship may create opportunities for savvy business leaders, but Travis sees it as an opportunity to do more with his talents. He believes that investing in himself was the turning point in his life, and he hopes to lead others to invest in the betterment of others as well.

Travis Savo created this blog with the intention of exploring the nebulous world of charity. Follow this blog as he discusses what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be done to fix it.